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  • Apr 18, 2018 by Carleeka
    Review for "Law Office of Carteia V. Basnight P.C." at 1919 Commerce Drive #110
    Excellent service. Eased my mind and very proficient . Thank you.
  • Mar 24, 2018 by C. Bradley
    Review for "The Forsythe Firm" at 7027 Old Madison Pike #108
    Couldn't have found a more capable, caring or professional firm. Mr. Forsythe took my case 3 weeks before the hearing. He gathered all my medical records and turned everything in to the judge. He knew exactly what the judge would require. At the hearing, the judge called what he did for me "a miracle." She was impressed and I was impressed. Thank you, Mr. Forsythe, for helping me get my benefits! I recommend to everyone.
  • ☆ ☆
    Mar 21, 2018 by Daniel teran
    Review for "Del Choque al Cheque" at 4949 West Indian School Road
    Seran Buenos o no quien sabe pero el anuncio enfadoso que aparece cada 15 minutos en telemundo es una pesadilla. Si tiene que verlo la gente forzosamente, por lo menos deberian de averiguar si la gente lo encuentra interesante. Yo ocupe un abogado en febrero 2018 y por el anuncio enfadoso nomas me fui a Cruz y asociados.
  • Mar 12, 2018 by Army Captain
    Review for "The Law Offices of Greg Gagne Law LLC" at 33 Wolcott Road
    Winning at trial is the reason you need Greg Gagne. He is a very thorough and a competent professional who completely annihilated the opposing arguments and protected me from any 'nefarious' attacks. The JAG office spared nothing to research my entire life spending over 90K to prosecute me. With 19 years in, I could not afford to leave my life to chance or rest on the shoulders of my assigned Trial Defense Attorney- you can’t afford it either! I was facing 3-domestic charges that held a 2-6 year confinement sentence. Be patient and let Greg and his team do their jobs; at times I got in the way thinking I knew best; or, felt like I needed to know every detail on their approach. You will feel scared, intimidated, and defeated throughout this process. The only thing that matters is that you hold it together, don’t wear your emotions, and let Keith do exactly what you paid him to do. Having peace of mind or keeping your client informed is totally BS! Winning the case and preserving your good name has to be your main objective. While at trial Greg and his team crafted, and fantastically articulated my argument that led to my acquittal with no repercussions. To put it plainly- Greg slayed the prosecution and by far exceeded my expectations.

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